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There are over 100 blog posts on this site covering a range of topics, sub-topics and not-very-well-defined-topics. It can be an absolute nightmare looking for a place to start with all that content.

That’s why I decided to create this page; a page where you can find the best and most popular articles from each of the 4 main topics that I write about: Philosophy & Mindset, Health & Wellbeing, Finance & Business and Other Interesting Stuff.

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Philosophy & Mindset

The Power of the Present – The joys of living in the present moment and the perils of not.

1 Day Extreme Gratitude Challenge – Not quite the ice bucket challenge, but probably more impactful.

One Day You Are Going to Die – A shitty but important reminder for yourself.

How To Navigate Your Internal Narrative – A complete guide to the voice inside your head.

Amor Fati: Love Your Fate – Whether your life takes a turn for the better or the worse, you may as well embrace all of it.


Health & Wellbeing

Sleep Better, Deeper and Quicker: What the Experts Say – Everyone loves a good sleep. Experts weigh in on how to get one.

Why I’m Giving Intermittent Fasting A Try – Started trying it way over a year ago, still doing it to this day.

How To Deal With Conflicting Health Advice – There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo out there, here’s how to sift through the nonsense.

No More Hangovers – Prevention, Cure and Bad-Ass Science – One of the most popular posts across the whole blog. No explanation needed, really.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: How They Work and Why They Work – The science behind one of the best gadgets for better sleep.


Finance & Business

Why You Should Invest and Where to Begin Investing – My personal approach to saving and investing.

7 Well-Paid Jobs You Didn’t Even Know Existed – A fun post illuminating all of the whacky but real jobs that are out there.

Vote With Your Wallet – More Effective Than the Polls? – The culture might be changing quicker with where you spend rather than who you vote.

5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Live Below Your Means –  Spending less than you earn is the gateway to freedom.

My 5 Favourite Personal Finance Podcasts – 2018 – I’m no expert at these sorts of things, but these guys are.


Other Interesting Stuff

The BIG Review of Books – 2019 – My annual review of all of the books I’ve read that year. Includes key takeaways, excerpts and quotes from each.

The Art of Choosing Different Mentors For Different Areas of Life – Why I’m choosing a couple of people and books to emulate in different fields.

6 Things They Don’t Tell You About Self-Development – Probably my most personal post to date. It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows over here.

9 Big Benefits of Journaling – Better Sleep, Clarity, Reduced Stress… – One of the best habits that I have taken up in the last few years. These are the reasons why.

Rethinking Retirement – The Mexican Fisherman Story – One of my first and most popular posts on this blog. The whole ethos behind what I am doing here.

How To Decide What To Do With Your Life – Not sure which direction you’re heading? Let this post give you a good starting point.