Here you will find all of my favourite personal development resources. I use them all daily, and I am an affiliate for some but not others. These are tried and tested products/companies that I recommend from my own experience. I hope that you will take advantage and use them as tools for your own journey through life!

ROMWOD (Range Of Motion WorkOut Daily) has been my everyday yin-yoga routine for 5 years now. Every morning I wake up, have a glass of water and do the daily ROMWOD routine which usually lasts about 20 minutes. It loosens me up, helps to focus my attention for the day and stops me from being the World’s Most Inflexible Man. 

The routines are straightforward and designed for anyone from complete newbies (like me) to professional CrossFit athletes.

Headspace is one of two meditation apps on this list that I use daily. I would recommend this app highly for anyone who has never tried mindfulness/meditation and looking for somewhere to start. The Beginners Course is exceptional and is free of any complex concepts and difficult-to-grasp ideas. Most meditations come with a short animation to help you to understand the lessons a bit easier and they are often entertaining. If you are a first-time meditator, this app is for you.

Waking Up is the other meditation app that I use which is geared towards the more experienced meditator. Neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris hosts all of the meditations in this app and if you want to dig deeper with someone who I consider to be an expert in the field, then this app is definitely worth it. As well as daily meditations in the app you can find meditations for kids, various ‘Theory’ which includes things like ‘The Mystery of Being’ and ‘The Lessons of Death’ as well as hour+ long conversations with various meditation experts from around the world. If you are serious about this whole meditation thing, Waking Up is an essential app.

Swanwick is the company that supplied me with my blue-light blocking glasses which I wear every single night, a couple of hours before I hit the hay.

The glasses are smart, comfortable, well-valued and backed by good science to help you get a night of better sleep. Although I haven’t bought any of their other stuff, they receive consistently good reviews on their other sleep products and as a result, I am more than happy to recommend this company’s products to you.

Evernote is my favourite note-taking app, hands-down. I used it throughout university for lecture, research and thesis notes. I use it to clip and store the best articles I find on the web and it’s also where I store all of my book notes for easy reference for a later date.

Some of its best features include synchronisation across platforms, offline working, a notes search feature and its in-built picture-to-text converter. Seriously, Evernote has changed the way I work.

Blinkist is an app which condenses the best non-fiction books into tidy, information-rich 15-minute summaries. These summaries contain the key insights, summaries and messages from each book.

Although I don’t use Blinkist as a direct substitute for reading – nothing compares to the real thing – it is useful for previewing books that I might want to read and for recapping the best bits of books that I loved. You can either read or listen to the book summaries, which is a nifty feature.

Bluehost is one of the biggest website hosting providers and is what has been powering my website since day one. Their interface is easy to use, they offer technical support 24/7 as well as WordPress support for amateurs like me. Other bonuses include a free domain name and unlimited business email accounts under that domain.

Starting this website is probably the best decision I ever made. It has allowed me to express myself creatively, connect with a like-minded community and begin to build something big and meaningful in this world. Whether you are thinking of starting a blog, opening an online shop or setting up your own site for whatever purpose, I cannot recommend Bluehost highly enough for getting you there.


This whole website started with Oddsmonkey, as my very first post was about the process and profits that can be made from matched betting.

Matched betting allowed me to quit my job working in a bar at university and make more money working from my sofa. It was the gateway to the remote-working lifestyle that I now live by.

Although I don’t matched bet anymore since exhausting all of the sign-up offers, I highly encourage anyone who has never heard of it to have a look.