Podcasts are awesome. Whether you are prepping breakfast, going for a walk, on the daily commute or at the shops, podcasts are the perfect way to fill your time that would otherwise be spent in mindlessness.

While I do listen to a wide range of them, I’ve been really into the personal finance ones recently and making my money go further.

Here is a list of 5 that I’ve been getting stuck into recently and feel that I am getting a lot of value from, and that you probably will too.

They are all available from their respective websites as well as being free via iTunes, Soundcloud, Overcast etc.

So maybe give the radio a miss one morning and check them out!

Smart Passive Income Podcast

One of the best finance podcasts for anyone at any stage in the world of online business. A lot of what I covered in my post about passive income comes from things that I learned from Pat and his podcast.

Some of his episodes include How to Build an Audience with Your Hobby, Building Online Courses, How to do Affiliate Marketing, Start a Blog and much, much more. If you are looking for anything practical with regards to online business, top to bottom, Pat is your man and SPI is your podcast.


Remember when I talked about our Mexican fisherman friend and retiring really early? What is going to make that happen for you and me is achieving something called ‘Financial Independence’. This is typically defined as having enough income to pay for your living expenses for the rest of your life, without working full time. These guys are already living this dream as are many other people. In their podcast they share the investing, saving and life tricks that they have picked up on the way to achieving this great feat. If you only listen to one podcast episode, make sure it is The Why of FI. You won’t regret it!

Cash Chats

Cash Chats is a recent gem I have discovered that covers a tonne of quick and easy money saving tips, specifically designed for people in the UK. The podcast episodes are usually a convenient 20 minutes long and share quick wins and techniques from all walks of life. 2 for 1 movies for just over £1 per year? Getting the best deals on tech gear? Swapping out old clothes for money? The Cash Chats podcast has it all. As well as the podcast, be sure to check out the website becleverwithyourcash.com too which has a whole load of fantastic articles and resources that I am still working my way through!

The Meaningful Money Podcast

Another UK-based podcast which is hosted by a really cool guy called Pete Matthew. He is a Financial Planner and Adviser who shares his valuable knowledge with the rest of us amateurs to help us make our money meaningful and shed light on the often very confusing and taboo world of personal finance. Whether you are just starting to take an interest in (and control of) your money like me or you are a bit futher along in the journey, The Meaningful Money podcast has you covered. As with most of the other podcasts, you can find shownotes and some hugely valuable resources on the website.

Pour Not Poor

Now this is a very unique podcast that discusses two things very close to my heart: beer and personal finance. The play on words may be a bit confusing at first, but once you understand that each episode starts with a discussion about beer and then moves on to money-focused life hacks, it starts to make sense. Even if you aren’t into beer, I’d still highly recommend this podcast for its advice on everything from cutting car costs, to renting vs buying debates, to how to use credit cards. It’s a relatively new, quirky podcast so I’m expecting even more great things, beer included, in the near future.