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After discovering that my post about Preventing Hangovers was one of the most viewed pages on the blog, and having a fairly nasty one myself after Halloween, I decided to see if I could take the research a little deeper. Sure, I covered a bit of the science and a few cures that you can try and implement in my last post, but there is always more to discover!

That’s why I felt it appropriate to call on the king of biohacking himself, Ben Greenfield. You can read more about Ben and his seemingly endless accreditations in the world of fitness and health but in a nutshell, when it comes to the human body, he knows his stuff. Almost infinitely more than I do. So naturally, when I came across an infographic and article that he produced on hangovers, I sat back and took note.

So for your enjoyment, please enjoy a brief intro and review of some of the best hangover prevention supplements on the market, courtesy of Ben. They are all made from natural ingredients which is a massive bonus too. I will provide links to them and the full article at the bottom of the page.

Happy partying!

Natural Hangover Cures


HERE is a link to the full article if you are a science nerd or just curious as to how it all works in detail. There are also alternative supplements offered by Ben if you are struggling to find the ones listed in the infographic.

HERE is a link to effervescent electrolyte tablets, as shown by the Goji Berry Green Tea example in Cure 1.

HERE is a link to buy CapraCleanse for a liver detox. Cure 2.

There doesn’t seem to be a link to buy ‘Wakie’ anywhere except over the counter in Thailand. I will update this post if it miraculously becomes more readily available in the west. Cure 3.

PureWine drops are mainly produced in Australia but thankfully they ship worldwide. You can check them out HERE. That’s Cure 4.