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You may remember back in September 2018 when I published ‘My 5 Go-To Podcasts Right Now‘. That list is a great list for anyone looking to improve any and every facet of their life: from mental to physical to spiritual health.

About 7 months on, I still listen to the majority of those podcasts weekly but I have also discovered some new gems out in the podcast universe that I feel need to be shared with you wonderful people.

Similarly to the last list, these 5 podcasts tend to deal with a diverse range of life’s problems, solutions, lows and highs.

Below you can find each of the titles and a brief description about what they can bring to your life, should you choose to listen to them.

Happy listening!


Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin

Over the last couple of months, I have been going quite deep into all of Seth’s content. You might recognise the name from his feature in my BIG book review of last year or the numerous amount of times that I quote him in the newsletter or on Instagram.

Most likely though of course, you will know his name not from me but from his reputation for being one of the world’s greatest modern-day marketers and for just being a particularly insightful person on all of the day’s modern issues.

His podcast episodes deal with contemporary issues ranging from his speciality in marketing and connecting like-minded people to societal subjects such as voting, tribes and culture.

The episodes are all about 30 mins long which I find to be ideal for fitting into any part of your day. I tend to liken it to a bomb of knowledge and insight about the world being dropped once a week that blows me away every time.

You can also check out his blog if you want a toe-dip into the sort of stuff you will be listening to.



Jordan Peterson Archive

You probably know who Jordan Peterson is by now. If not, he wrote one of my favourite books of last year ‘12 Rules For Life‘ and is known for his extensive talks and debates on matters such as psychology, responsibility, archetypes and the current economic, political and societal climate.

I personally find Jordan Peterson to be a very interesting guy and try to listen to his long-form interviews and debates as often as possible in order to try and get a deep sense and understanding of some of the many topics that he covers.

That isn’t always possible however due to the time constraints imposed by life. His lectures, interviews and debates tend to be a couple of hours long and often there just isn’t time to sit down and make time to really concentrate on his speaking. I definitely don’t feel that listening to Jordan Peterson is passive listening.

Thankfully, Jordan Peterson Archive has managed to propose a solution to this dilemma that I believe many of us are having. The podcast includes snippets from the most powerful and insightful concepts and topics of his talks and organises them into handy categories.

The length of clips vary, but many are significantly shorter than the original talks meaning you can get a quick-hit of Peterson knowledge and continue with your day, as I have been doing quite often.

Some recent, recommended examples are ‘Go Out & Make Something of Yourself‘ (8:17) and ‘Being Aggressive Overcomes Fear Ft. Jocko Willink‘ (7:32).


Making Sense with Sam Harris

Sam Harris is another prominent figure in the realm of long-form debates and making sense of the complex society that we all live in – as the title of his podcast suggests.

Sam has a background in neuroscience and philosophy and seems to seamlessly combine the two to come up with some of the most intriguing and insightful arguments about the world that I have come across.

I have only listened to around 5 episodes so far of the 150+ as it is a fairly recent discovery, but one episode that I particularly enjoyed is titled ‘The Trouble with Facebook‘ with Roger McNamee.

There isn’t much more to be said about this new podcast that I am loving since the message is pretty clear: if you are looking to make sense of the world around you a little bit better, then this is where you should definitely begin.


The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast

While my podcast preferences have been quite diverse as I try to cover all bases of life, I have intentionally gotten back into listening to Pat Flynn on the SPI podcast to assist me with the growth of this blog.

Pat is also the creator of and who I consider to be the go-to guru in the ever-growing and increasingly important field of passive income.

Whether you are starting your own blog, podcast, Youtube channel or are just looking to be smarter with the money that you earn, I consider Pat’s podcast and website to be essential consumption. Not only is he the number 1 guy in terms of launching new businesses and making money online, but he continues to amaze me with his tips on how to make your money work for you.

The great thing about Pat’s podcast is that he usually features small business owners who have taken his content and frameworks and used them to start their own businesses. It certainly makes the task less daunting and seemingly more achievable when you are hearing about the perils and successes of others who also trying to make their own way in the world!


The Tim Ferriss Show

I was looking back on my previous go-to podcast list from September and was shocked to see that I didn’t include the Tim Ferriss Show on there.

This was the very first podcast that I listened to way back a couple of years ago and alongside his book ‘4 Hour Workweek‘, were the sources of my inspiration for taking an unconventional route after I graduate and giving me both the tools and confidence to it.

For all of that good stuff, the best place is to read his books and his blog. On his podcast though, Tim aims to deconstruct the habits of highly successful people from various fields and backgrounds. The podcast takes a fun interview format and it is always extremely easy and extremely interesting listening.

Just some of the guests that Tim has featured on his 300+ episodes are LeBron James, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Cameron, Arianna Huffington, Larry King and many, many others.

Tim is a very fascinating person and also manages to get his incredible guests to open up about their lives in a similar fashion. A highly recommended podcast.